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1. Mold tooling
With a skilled technical team and advanced digital equipments, we accept the design and construction of Pro-Engineer, UG, AutoCAD, Solidworks.

2. Partial Modification and Tooling
Partial modification can be done on the existing mold, but should according to the mold structure.

1. Making holes: We usually adopt mold modification and after-treatment.The former is fit for large order, owing to the charge of modification.The latter adapts to small order and unchangeable mold.

2. Structual Modification: Partial modification can be done. For example, change the location and height of the fixed pillars of PCB panels,edd or clear off the partial pillars. 

3. Changing Color and Fishing
Changing Color: If the color needs to be changed, corresponding color sample must be provided, and the order will be not less than 500pcs.

Fishing: Powder coating, painting is also available upon request. We can effectively clear off the trace of welding, shrinking, ripples and so on to reach a higher paptical and visual effect.

4. Screen Printing
If the products need screen printing, corresponding the design drawings must be provided,and will be not less than 500pcs.

The factory for screen printing will be delegated by us.